City Puzzle

Few years of testing and evaluating the Warsaw edition, and few months of hardworking preparations – prototypes, hours of careful mapping, photo sessions, promotional videos and lots and lots more… Today we began “Put your city together” campaign on crowdfunding site

How does it work? Together we can run the first series of city jigsaw puzzles – in community we trust! During the campaign one can pre-order jigsaw with his or her city, support us by donations and prizes. It is really important to us that the project could be forwarded as far as every corner of the country J.

Aim of the project? Our main goal is a manufacture of 250 units of jigsaw puzzles consisting of 10 major polish cites – one of which would be chosen by the participants of the ongoing campaign. Our bonus target is to inject the idea and spirit of local patriotism combined with educational valour in other cities.

 For whom it was designed? For people curious, curious around the world and nearest soundings. That’s why we aim especially to reach localt patriots, people who appreciate minimal design features, social animators or cultural educators. Due to jigsaw puzzles made by Lokalny you are able to learn something new about your city.

Put your city together with us.

Ułóż sobie miasto from Lokalny on Vimeo.


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