Shaped puzzle

The idea for a city jigsaw is not only educating, but also supports creativity and space awareness in participants, dealing with different, often well-known shapes of their own hoods. This is what differs Lokalny jigsaw from others – the unique yet realistic shape in a greater piece – a city itself.

The material used is very unique as well – the plywood, which could also be engraved on demand  with chosen name, colour or blueprint. The product is manufactured in different seizes, each could be made in our special magnet version, that enhances the decoration value of the design, making it easy to place your entire city jigsaw on a refrigerator or other open space.

The product itself is packed and combined with utmost dedication, with every detail taken care of – to be a perfect memory or a gift from distant travels. 

Last year, on a special order demand we created jigsaw in shape of entire country of Poland – with voivodships and cities, as well as decoration version with the major rivers, lakes and other landmarks. This year we would like to re-run the project with other cities and countries of Europe.

Do you have an idea for a jigsaw in shape of any other city, or different shape at all? Write to us about it at:

Poland shaped jigsaw-puzzle, with engraved main rivers and lakes


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