General terms of use of online shop

This regimen is a set of rules referring the terms on which the sales are conducted in online shop run by a seller.

Seller - Lokalny Marta Baranowska Studio Projektowe located: 01-210 Warszawa, ul. Kolejowa 45A/10, running a one-person commercial buissnes, evidenced by Centralna Ewidencja Działalności Gospodarczej (CEDG)  [Central Economic Activity Record] and registered under  tax identification number NIP: 5272772676 - called later in these document as „service provider”.


-    telephone number – +48 697010503

-       e-mail -


§ 1 Definitions

1.    Client - a person or organization who is receiving the benefits, services without legal personality, with ability to act on rules set by this regimen. 

2.    Consumer - a person or organization that uses a commodity or service. 

3.    Seller - The seller is responsible for the delivery of your purchase on terms provided by the regimen. 

Lokalny Marta Baranowska Design Studio


ul. Kolejowa 45A/10, 01-210 Warszawa 

NIP: 5272772676  REGON: 364707588

International Bank Account Number (IBAN): PL 48 1050 1054 1000 0092 5839 4742

4.    Merchandise/Goods - the manufactured goods  sold in Lokalny online shop. 

5.    Bill of sale - bill, account or invoice filled with accordance to the law 

6.    Additional Service – a service provided by seller to a buyer outside of online shop due to nature of sold goods. 

7.    Sale agreement – a contract for sold merchandise according to bill of Civil Law, conducted between the buyer and the seller through the online shop webpage. 

8.    Online shop (shop) – e-commmerce site available under:

9.    Order – the testament of client request determine unequivocally the type and amount of services or product concluding the Bill of sale. 

10.  Online/Shoplo Payment - Service Provider for online payment is Blue Media S.A.

§ 2 General terms

1.   The following regimen defines the rules of usage of the online shop available on:

2.   The condition of  final transaction in online shop is prior study and agreement of this regimen rules by the buyer.  

3.   Online shop Lokalny is conducting retail sale of original pieces of work and art: photography, posters, graphics and items like educational gadgets via internet. 

4.   All goods provided by Lokalny online shop are brand new, authentic, free of all legal and physical flaws, originally packed and introduced on Polish market in accordance to the Polish law. 

5.   The buyer is obliged to use contents of the webpage and obtained products personally in respect of all legal manners and the law.  

6.   Online payment service provider is Blue Media S.A.

§ 3 Placing orders

1.    Prices in the online shop are given in polish zloty (PLN) or euro (€) brutto prices, which means 23%  tax is included. This does not include shipping expenses.

2.   The orders are placed through the webpage or e-mail. The sale is concluded by adding the desired products into the “basket”, choosing the form of payment and agreement to this regimen by clicking the according button on the web page (Sale/Buy now/Place Order). Placing an order is equivalent to conducting a sale agreement and agreeing to the terms of this regimen. 

3.   Order may be placed 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Orders are being made from Monday till Friday, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

4.   The sale is concluded only when the buyer fills the request with specific and truthful information including contact data, e-mail, phone number and address. 

5.   In case of the personal information are given faulty or incomplete, the seller will try to contact the client if possible. If contact with the buyer proves to be impossible or without reply, the seller have right to cancel the entire transaction in seven days since the order was placed.  

6.   After the buyer places an order he or she will receive automatically generated reply from the shop, confirming the successful order placement, and containing all transaction data.  

7.   The beginning of the sale process is when the due payment is accounted on PL 96 1050 1025 1000 0090 7644 4919   account, if this kind of payment was chosen. When asked to pay online or by credit card (MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic or Visa, Visa Electron or Maestro) the sale is concluded after the positive bank authorization. More on:

8.   Each order is shipped with proper Sales Document - VAT invoice. 

§ 4 Payment & Shipping

1.   The ordered goods are sent to the adress given by the buyer. The seller will do his best to contact the buyer in case the address or personal data are incomplete, making it unable to conduct the deal in time or at all. 

2.   The merchandise is delivered by Poczta Polska S.A. (Polish Post Service ) the tariffs and process are listed here:

In some cases it is possible to arrange personal pickup of the order at seller headquarters. In case of foreign shipments the buyer contacts the seller to determine the price and form of transportation.

3.    The orders valued above 300zl (PLN) [above 70 €] are send within polish territory free of transport charge. 

4.  The order is delivered accordingly to the date stated on product page or item description. During the type of payment selection process online the time of 1-2 days should be accounted, due to the post on bank account.  

5.   The site administrator is obliged to maintain and secure the orders merchandise in a manner that prevents their damage during transport. The buyer is obliged to check if the orders was unharmed during transport or the seal was broken. 

§ 5 Withdrawal

1.   The buyer who consent to the terms on distance is allowed to withdraw from the agreement without giving a reason, placing a written announcement received prior from the seller in term of no more than 10 days (art.7 ust.1 Bill of 2nd march 2000 and Dz.U. Nr 22, poz. 271 of Polish law). To conduct this procedure the buyer must contact the seller in given term via email:  

2.   The seller will refund the buyer only after the ordered goods are resend by the buyer back and received by the seller, in no more than 14 days after the written complaint/ refund request. 

3.   The buyer will be recompensed  by the same means that he himself has conducted to make a purchase, if  buyer do not deem otherwise, using the same IBAN or credit card number provide on the bill of sale or provided by client personal data.  

§ 6 Complaint procedure

 1.  In case of complaint of purchased goods, the client must first make contact with the seller. 

 2.  By filling a formal complaint the buyer is obliged to provide the product in question back to the seller in un-altered state to the address of: ul. Kolejowa 45A/10, 01-210 Warszawa with annotation  „Complaint” („Reklamacja”) and with attached filled formal complaint sheet provided before by the seller or sending it by e-mail on address:  

3.   The service provider will examine the complaint in no less than 14 days. In case of positive examination the seller will provide the buyer with fixed or new product, or full indemnification.   

4.   The client losses his privileges described in articles 1-3 of  this clause, if he will not inform the seller of the defect within two months.  

5.   In case the complaint will not be recognized by the seller the detailed information of extrajudicial path can be obtained in your local municipal institution or appropriate ombudsman.

§ 7 Privacy policy and personal data protection 

1. The administrator of personal data provided by online shop clients during the purchase is the shop owner.  

2.   Seller is obliged to protect personal data in according to the law, on account of Personal Data Protection bill 29th of August 1997 and  bill of Providing Electronic  Services from 18th July 2002. The buyer, by providing his personal data during the purchase process, is hereby agreeing to usage of given information to provide requested service. The buyer can verify or change his personal data at any moment by contacting e-mail address:   

3. The detailed information on data gathering by the online shop are provided on page:

§ 8 Change of regulations

1.    Registered users will be informed of any changes in regimen by means of e-mail on indicated address given by registration in no less than 30 days before the new regulation will take place.  

2.   Orders placed by shop clients before the application of new regulations will be proceed by previous resolution. 

§ 9 Final Provisions 

1.   In cases not regulated by this document, appliance of enactment from March 2nd 2000 about protection of specified consumer laws and responsibility for any and all harm caused by the harmful product (Dz.U. 2000 nr 22 poz. 271 ze zm.) by bill from 27th of July  2002 about detailed terms of purchase and of improvement of civil codex (Dz.U. 2002 nr 141 poz. 1176 ze zm.), by bill from 23rd  of April 1964 – civil code (Dz.U. 1964 nr 16 poz. 93 ze zm.). 

2.   These terms & conditions applyfrom 29th of November, 2016. 


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